AMD launches games developer manifesto

Chip maker AMD has announced a new name and identity for its game developer relations programme.

AMD reckons its Gaming Evolved scheme will cement the firm's standing in the gaming community. The oufit even claims that, although it develops hardware for consoles and PCs, it is, at heart, a gaming company.

"We consider ourselves a gaming company because we’re game developers ourselves," said AMD director Neal Robison. "Despite all of our hardware prowess, AMD employs a team of ace game developers that toil tirelessly behind the scenes to provide the support our technology partners need to deliver some of the great graphics and game play that you know and love."

Announcing the Gamer Manifesto, Robison said, "It’s a set of guiding principles that hold us true to our most important audience: you the gamers. And we’re okay with that because, like I said, we’re gamers too. I invite you to read through it. I promise that by the end, you’ll know just what we’re made of, and how AMD’s approach differs from others’ in the industry."

Describing the venture as "a big group hug" for the development community, Robison said, "There’s no better time or place to give developers and gamers an inside look at the code that AMD’s developer relations team lives by."