Apple Beta SDK 3.2 For iPhone & iPad Axes Camera

Apple has released the fourth beta of its new SDK (Software Development Kit) for the iPad and the iPhone and surprisingly, there are no signs in the code of a camera for the company's forthcoming tablet.

There were rumours in February that the iPad would come with a front camera and Mission Repair, a company that specialises in fixing Apple devices, even came up with iPad parts that show a slot for a webcam.

Furthermore, Mac blogging website 9to5 says that the SDK integrates two new types of commands, one that allows tripple tapping and long press tapping (ed : there's also one called rotate mix).

Developers may also be able to create their own gestures, which could give rise to some interesting scenarios. In addition, it has emerged that Apple has removed icons that were related to video calling and will be selling a camera connection kit for the iPad rather than having one in there.

Also given the fact that a new version of the OS is released every fortnight, one can expect a new firmware update to posted by Apple on the day the iPad is launched in the US on Saturday 3rd.

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Apple has also reduced the subscription price of its Mac developer program which is now priced at $99 per year rather than a steeper $499. Apple said that it would allow developers to receive pre-release Mac OS X software, something that some have seen as a sign that Apple will be releasing an App store for desktops.

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