Breaking : O2 Now Offering Palm Pre From £25 Per Month

In what could be seen as an ominous sign, mobile phone network O2 has cut the price of the monthly cost of the Palm Pre from the initial £44 per month on an 18-month contract to a more palatable £25 per month, albeit over two years.

The Pre was launched in the UK exclusively on O2 on the 16th of October 2009 and there are rumours that the promising smartphone which was first announced back at CES 2009 (15 months ago) is not performing as well as one would have expected.

The updated smartphone tariff from O2 offers 100 minutes for £25, 300 minutes for £30 up to the "unlimited" bundle that gives no-limit minutes for £60; in all cases, you get unlimited data and texts.

O2 is also bundling three EA games with the Palm Pre and offers the HD2 for an additional £200 should you go for the cheapest package. The handset has won kudos for being refreshingly different from the rest of competition but that was more than one year ago.

Since then, HTC has produced a number of Android-based handsets that are not only just as good as the Pre but were also available on significantly cheaper tariffs, until now.

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