Facebook To Add Location Based Feature

Facebook, the world's biggest social networking web site, is all set to dish out a brand new feature on the social networking platform, which will allow users to share their locations with their friends via news feed.

The New York Times reported that according to several people familiar with the matter, Facebook will unveil the Geo-location feature during next month's F8, a Facebook application developers conference which takes place every year.

The newspaper reported that in order to accommodate the upcoming feature, the company had updated its privacy policy by adding that when a user posts a location, the site will treat it like a regular post.

The project has been under development for the past year, according to the anonymous sources quoted by NYT.

The new location update feature will work in two ways; firstly, users can opt for the location based tool directly from Facebook or use one of the applications which will be created by developers using the new location-based APIs offered by Facebook.

However, when the NYT contacted the company, Meredith Chin, a Facebook spokesperson refuted the news by commenting that "We're constantly experimenting with new things around here, but we don't have any details to share right now."

Our Comments

Facebook is obviously aiming for Twitter and Foursquare by adding this useful feature to its social networking service. Obviously, not everyone will want their friends and everybody else to know their exact whereabouts. Watch out for privacy concerns that might raise as well.

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