Google To Scan Millions Of Italian Books

Search engine giant Google has finally had a headway with its Google Books project by striking a major book scanning deal with the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage.

Google will scan millions of ancient Italian books that are not protected under the county's copyright laws as they were published before 1868.

According to a post on the official Google blog, the company will be working closely with Italian Cultural ministry in order to scan millions of out-of-copyright books archived in the two national libraries in Florence and Rome.

Interestingly, this 'ground breaking' book scanning deal with the Italian authorities, comes just two weeks after an Italian court handed over prison sentences to top Google officials on account of a video of an Italian boy being bullied, doing rounds on YouTube.

The deal will have Google scanning literary works of great Italian masters, making them available for free on the internet, presenting a great opportunity for people to acquaint themselves with culturally rich history of Italy.

The company explained that the libraries in Rome and Florence will select the books that need to be digitize, including rare historical books, scientific works, literature from the period of the founding of Italy and the works of Italy's most famous poets and writers.

Our Comments

Ironically, last month's privacy affair might have quicken the process by Google to get the books scanned. This will also put some gloss on the Italian government's attempt to present the country as something more than just one which dislikes immigrants excepts the beautiful ones.

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