Jobcentre Plus App Comes To iPhone, Android Smartphones

UK government's popular employment service, Jobcentre Plus, has produced a mobile application that tries to simply the process of looking out for a job by allowing people to perform job searches straight from their smartphone device.

The free app is compatible with Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch devices as well as Android-based smartphones but not Windows-mobile ones it seem. It will is available to those living in England, Scotland and Wales.

According to a government representative, the application is designed to allow job seekers to perform keyword search along with location specific results and maps showing the location of the job.

Speaking at the National Digital Inclusion conference, Jim Knight, minister of state for employment and welfare, said in a statement that “ Now people have access to our vacancies and that's just the start as we develop the app so it will automatically push out notifications to people of new vacancies in their area.”

He also indicated that the government plans to make the application available on all the smartphone and mobile phone platforms.

Mr. Knight also announced at the conference that the government plans to open 50 Jobcentres across the UK with almost 200 computers installed in them, in order to help people look for jobs and create their CVs.

Our Comments

Interesting initiative but one that is likely to be futile. The price of developing such an application is likely to be quite high and the number of people actually using it quite low. Nonetheless, we do hope that the project does help some unemployed persons to find a job faster and with as little hassle as possible.

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