Leaks Show Dell Mini 5 Will Compete With Apple iPad

The Dell Mini 5 tablet computer is set to be christened Streak as it is launched in the US and some more details have emerged online.

Technology blog Engadget has published a marketing flyer of device which shows that the device will be available in a number of colours, emulating its popular Studio range of laptop.

The Streak - which will use Qualcomm's Snapdragon chip - will come with a 5-megapixel camera with autofocus and flash, a capacitive 5-inch touch display with a 800x480 resolution, the same as the first EEE PC and the same as the Nexus One.

There are also three capacitive touch front buttons, a front VGA camera for video chat and a 30-pin docking connector which could mean that Dell is planning for a number of accessories for the Streak.

According to the leaked flyer, Dell will also come bundled with an Amazon suite as part of a strategic partnership with the online retailer. This will take the form of a book reader, a video streaming app and an audio player.

While the device doesn't compete directly with the iPad, it will surely carry a smaller price tag while carrying just as much functionality while the fact that Amazon will be providing iTunes like functionality suddenly makes the Streak an elegant alternative to the iPad or iPod Touch.

Our Comments

Dell has not commented on the leak and there are no details about the release dates. The problem for Dell though is that there's not much that will separate the iPod Touch and the Streak and the former is available for just over £100. The Streak will also be competing with the Slate and the Courier as well.

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