LG To Debut 3D Television Set Within Months

LG, Samsung's Archrival, is set to launch a number of 3D television sets as well as a 3D Blu-ray player in May including one model which it says, will be aimed at pubs across the country.

The Korean electronics giant has teamed with BSkyB to deliver Premier League football matches live in 3D well before it makes the 3D service available to millions of households in the UK.

The LD920, a passive 3D model, will be the first in the series while its first LED backlit 3D enabled TV set will be the LX9900. The latter is described by LG as being "the ultimate in home entertainment".

It builds on a growing trend that sees manufacturers (like Asus) cutting the bezel thickness to the strict minimum. It also means that the television sets are unbelievably thin at only 31.6mm thick.

Unlike the LD920 which only needs cardboard 3D glasses, the LX9900 uses active 3D technology, which means that you will have to buy them separately. As reported before, the prices are likely to hover around £100, comparable to what Samsung is flogging them for (that's per person by the way).

The LX9900 comes with Freeview HD and will be available in 47-inch and 55-inch sizes. It incorporates the company's proprietary 400Hz TruMotion technology that reduces blur.

LG states an absurdly high dynamic contrast ratio of 10000000:1 plus Bluetooth, USB playback (everything but MKV) and four HDMI ports. There's also the now mandatory internet feature that comes courtesy of LG's Netcast, a widget like service that brings Youtube, Picasa and the likes.

Prices are set to be unveiled but we expect them to be well above £2500 for the smaller model and at least £3500 for the bigger one.

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The will also be a 3D Bluray player called the BX580 which we suspect will not carry a high premium compared to existing models. Apart from HDMI 1.4, it will include WiFi, be capable of playing external content through its USB port as well as feature LG's Netcast service.

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