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Microsoft Bing Campaign Goes Live

Software giant Microsoft has launched its multi-million pound ad campaign for its Bing search engine in the UK, in order to take on Google search, which has held the dominant position in the UK search market for a long time.

The company wants the campaign in order to enlighten Britons about the capabilities of the Bing search engine and to market it against Google search.

The advertisement campaign, which will have a three month run on UK television channels, will come with the tag of 'Bing and Decide' and will market Bing as a more organised and user-friendly search engine than Google.

The campaign, which has been masterminded by advertising giant JWT, will air on Sky TV, Virgin Media, ITV, Channel Four and Five.

According to Ashley Highfield, the managing director and vice president of consumer and online at Microsoft UK, the 3 Bing ads will to rounds on UK televisions for 2 months and then will air every 2-weeks till mid-June.

Commenting on the ad campaign, Ashley had added that “People feel overawed by the internet and what they turn up when they are searching. We are also in a world where people have forgotten there is an alternative search engine.”

Our Comments

Microsoft believes that many people have forgotten that there are search engines other than Google which can cater to their needs just as well. The company will have to work hard to overcome the inertia of Google search users. A very hard task indeed.

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