Microsoft Bing Marketshare Still Growing In US

According to the latest US search engine statistics released by comScore, Microsoft's Bing search engine has been slowly and steadily expanding its US search market share in the past nine months.

Yahoo search, on the other hand, continues its downfall after having secured a strategic agreement with Microsoft. Google has maintained its dominant position in the US search engine market and is showing no sign of abating.

The data released by the web analytics firm revealed that US search engine market share of Bing search engine had increased to 11.5 percent in February from 11.3 percent in January.

This indicating that US internet search users were warming up to Microsoft's search client and opting for Bing despite having Google search around, albeit at a slow rate.

Meanwhile, Yahoo search, which has recently partnered with Bing in a search deal, saw its US search engine market share decrease slightly to 16.8 percent in February from 17.0 percent in January. Yahoo's fall is apparently helping Bing grow as the combined marketshare of both remained the same.

However, Google, which has recently launched a new Google Apps Marketplace, retained the coveted title of being the foremost search engine giant with the US search market share of 65.5 percent, a 0.1 increase from January.

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In related news, Microsoft has recently initiated an advertisement campaign in the UK, in order to challenge the market position held by Google search engine in the country.

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