Patent Troll Files Lawsuit Against Apple, RIM and Others

A little known company, Smartphone Technologies LLC, has filed legal suits against smartphone heavyweights, including Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola, AT&T, and Sanyo, accusing the companies of infringing upon the patents held by the company.

Apple emerged as the worst offender of all, with the accusations of having infringed six patents from Smartphone Technologies; these include Bluetooth technology, single-step setup, email syncing, PCs offering telephone capabilities, bandwidth as well as power conservation.

The rest of the companies were alleged to have violated only a single patent. The company filed the legal suit in the US District Court in the Eastern District of Texas, in which it accused that the Apple’s iPhone, along with others, has infringed upon its patents.

Smartphone Technologies is looking for damages, costs, and expenses from all the companies it named in its complaint. It is also very likely that Smartphone Technologies will seek to get the companies as licensees.

Though it hasn’t mentioned the amount it was seeking in damages, the company is expecting the accused companies to be trialled by the court which has the history of giving the decision in favour of the companies seeking patent damages.

You can read more about the case over at Justia. Oh and by the way, the judge that will preside over the case, Leonard Davis, was the same one who ordered Microsoft to pay i4i a hefty pay for infringing on its XML patents.

Our Comments

Lawsuits related to smartphone patents have nowadays become quite a routine practice with companies frequently suing each other for infringing smartphone patents every now and then.

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