Sony motion controller announced

Sony's much-predicted motion controller has finally been officially anounced and named.

The Playstation Move, which 'borrows' heavily from Nintendo's familiar Wiimote controller, looks to all the world like a shapely, black Wiimote with a brightly-coloured ping-pong ball glued onto the end.

The company announced the name during the 2010 Games Developer Conference currently taking place in San Francisco before giving a demonstration of a number of games including a hack and slash adventure title and various sports simulations.

The device, which detects three-dimensional movement using Sony's existing Eye Camera, will be available this autumn in full bundles with a console, Eye Camera and compatible games, with an Eye Camera and games, and the controllers alone for those who already own the other hardware.

Sony did not announce full pricing but hinted that the controller and camera package would sell for 'less than $100'.

No-one was surprised to see Sony touting the motion controller, but the addition of a second device, currently called the 'sub-controller' (though we expect that to change before launch) caught many on the hop. It's a small wireless controller with a thumbstick and a couple of buttons very much like Nintendo's Wii Nunchuck.

You can expect patent lawsuits to be flying back and forth throughout Japan within days.