Startup Brings Google Docs Compatibility To Microsoft Outlook

Mainsoft, the company which develops interoperability software for Microsoft Windows, has released a Microsoft Outlook plug-in that allows it to integrate with Google Docs, a service which provides users with the ability to work on Microsoft Office files online.

The plug-in, called Harmony, creates a sidebar in the Microsoft Outlook email client, which will allow users to share, download, edit, email and upload their Google Docs files right from their desktops.

According to Mainsoft, Harmony for Google Docs, which is available for a free download, is designed to allow users drag and drop documents to send them through email and view Google Docs files from Microsoft Outlook.

In order to send a Google Docs file via email, users need to select a file from the Harmony sidebar, drag and drop it on the message board and automatically a link to the Google Docs will be created, instead of attaching it in the traditional way.

The plug-in will also allow users to set viewing and editing permissions on the Google Docs files that are send by them. You can download the addon here.

The company also said that when a person will receives a Google Docs file, sent using Harmony, then the person will be redirected to the site and will be asked to log-in using Google credentials.

Our Comments

Expect Google to express some interest in this startup as well and perhaps buy it like they did for Docverse although $25 million might be a tad too expensive for it. Still, many of us use Outlook on a regular basis, enough to justify investing in the application.

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