Virgin Media Using Poles For Broadband Expansion

Virgin Media is set to use the good old telegraph poles (no not the other Poles) to bring high speed internet to scattered rural communities.

It will begin a trial later this month that will last till the end of September in Woolhampton in Berkshire, a small village located near Reading.

Households in the area can expect to get speeds of up to 50Mbps, which is an order of magnitude higher than what they can expect from BT's traditional copper network infrastructure.

It is a faster and cheaper way of rolling out a decent fibre optic infrastructure and doesn't require digging roads up. Furthermore, telegraph poles are already ubiquitous and can be easily accessed (using a safely attached ladder).

In addition, having cables on a pole reduces the probability of it being accidentally severed by a digger (like in Hemel Hempstead and Luton a few days ago) and will facilitate any repair process (easy to see where the cable is broken).

Earlier this week, Virgin Media discarded calls by BT to open its fibre optic network to the rest of the competition and it would be interesting to see whether BT will be able to use these Telegraph poles as well.

Otherwise, they can always do like Fibrecity and investigate whether they can use the sewage infrastructure instead.

Our Comments

Obviously poles have been used many times before to carry wires well above the ground. Let's just hope that yobs do not start to bring these poles down or put them on fire just for fun. Anyway, at least some common sense prevailing from a company.

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