Barnes & Noble To Launch iPad E-reader App

US-based bookseller Barnes and Noble announced plans to offer its online bookstore as well as a free e-reader application for the recently heralded Apple iPad tablet device.

The popular bookseller released its free eReader app in July 2009, and as of now it offers access to more than a million titles.

"Designed specifically for the iPad, our new B&N eReader will give our customers access to more than one million eBooks, magazines and newspapers in the Barnes & Noble eBookstore, as well as the existing content in their Barnes & Noble digital library", the company said in a statement.

However, as Apple already has its signature iBookstore planned for the device, it's unclear whether Cupertino would allow Barnes and Noble's bookstore on its iPad.

This looks feasible from the fact that Apple's iBooks e-reader app won't be available in standard form on the iPad, as users will have to download the application from the App Store.

Apparently, the iPad will further intensify the competition between Amazon and Barnes and Noble, with the former has already announced its popular Kindle application for the iPhone and the iPod Touch devices.

However, Amazon is still mum about its plans relating to counter the threat from the iPad.

Our Comments

The bookseller has revealed its intent to launch the iPad-specific version of its eReader application when the device launches mostly to capitalise upon the hype surrounding Apple iPad.

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