BBC Staff Gets Twitter, Facebook Lessons

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) staff will be receiving optional tutorials on how to use popular social networking platform Facebook and other similar services including Bebo and Twitter, the Sun has reported.

According to an article on the news site, BBC employees will be coached, at a cost of £100 per session, in using social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Bebo, under the 'Making the Web Work for You' scheme.

The project has already has been subjected to severe criticisms from other BBC employees via Twitter and Facebook.

'Making the Web Work for You' scheme commenced by the BBC is being looked upon as an utter waste of money and BBC employees have not been shy about expressing their frustration.

The Sun quoted angry Tweets from BBC employees, who said that even little kids are able to navigate through Facebook and Twitter by learning on their own and have questioned the very purpose of the scheme.

However, BBC top brass seems to be oblivious to the inherent uselessness of the whole program and believes that their employees should have a formal training in using social networking platforms in order to make better use of the web in their personal and professional lives.

Our Comments

The reason why the BBC is doing this course is because it needs to be accountable. Unfortunately though this is likely to cost tax payers tens of thousands of pounds. Hopefully, they will be able to become more capable journalists by making better use of these tools.

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