EMI Loses Fight To Sell Pink Floyd Online Track Downloads

English rock band Pink Floyd, which gave us songs like 'Comfortably Numb' and 'Wish you were here', has won a court case against music company EMI Group, preventing it from selling online downloads of single tracks taken from the band's studio albums.

Pink Floyd, which was formed in 1965, had asked the London High Court to intervene and sort out the matter related to the band's contract with the music production house, that was last updated back in 1998.

Pink Floyd had asked the court to ban EMI from dismantling its music tracks and selling them online, individually. The band wanted the group to sell its albums as a whole, like the way they were meant to be as per the contract.

The Chancellor of the London High Court, Sir Andrew Morritt, after the hearing arguments from both the sides, had ruled in favour of the popular band, which had cited a clause in the contract that stated that 'artistic integrity of the album' should be preserved.

Commenting on the judgement passed by the court, an EMI spokesperson,said in a statement that "This week's court hearing was around the interpretation of two contractual points, both linked to the digital sale of Pink Floyd's music. There are further arguments to be heard and the case will go on for some time."

Our Comments

Things are not really going EMI's way lately. They have had some issues with some of their partners and lost one of their top guys. To make things even worse, some of their most popular acts have apparently threatened to leave them.

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