Google Introduces Reader Play Browsing Feature

Google Inc. has rolled out Reader Play beta web based service which is designed to allow users to browse and read web content related to Google Reader news feeds.

According to a post on the official Google Reader blog, the experimental tool will allow users to browse through Google Reader contents and other online content in a slideshow mode, with content including photos and videos, being displayed in an enlarged form.

The users can navigate forward and backwards with the help of two arrow keys.

The blog post, which was made by Google Reader engineer Garrett Wu, also reported that when a user will click on the content, they will be automatically be redirected to the website containing the content.

Apart from the enlarged viewing functions, Google Reader Play is designed to play videos automatically. Unlike all the other Google services, signing in to the service is not compulsory in order to use the service.

However, when users do log into their Google accounts, the search engine giant will show a list of shared items of people a user is following on Google reader and will also provide a list of items starred, liked or shared by the users.

You can try this innovative feature here.

Our Comments

Some are already saying that Google is eyeing the iPad and other tablet-like devices with this feature. Reader play does remind us of another Google product, Fastflip, which is also very visually oriented.

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