Multitasking unlocked on next gen iPhone

The next generation of Apple's ground-breaking app phone will feature multi-tasking according to 'reliable sources'.

Apple Insider is reporting that 'people with a proven track record' of predicting such things are saying that the Cupertino company will roll out the ability to run third party Apps in the background, a missing piece of functionality which has been widely bemoaned by both iPhone fans and detractors.

Apparently, multitasking has been possible on the iPhone OS since the 2.0 update which first introduced third party software, but Apple has deliberately hobbled the ability in order to preserve battery life and increase security.

Multitasking is expected to be introduced alongside the next iteration of the handset, commonly known as iPhone 4G (fourth generation), but there is no technical reason why the software upgrade cannot be applied to existing 3G and 3Gs handsets.

Jailbreakers can already force the current generation of the iPhone to run multiple third-party Apps concurrently.