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News@Five : Tories Broadband Promises, iPhone 4.0 OS, New Xeon Mac Pro

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UK's Conservative Party has released its technology manifesto in which it has vowed to dismantle the massive IT contracts made by the government and break them into smaller interoperable modules in order to reduce risks and allow smaller IT businesses to bid for government IT contracts. The party has also promised to bring ultra-fast broadband internet to all of UK households.

Meanwhile, Google's $750 million acquisition bid for mobile internet advertisement company AdMob is likely to be opposed by US anti-trust regulator, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), as the government outfit has asked Google's competitors and other ad firms to file signed affidavits, highlighting the affects the deal is going to have on the market.

And speaking of Google, the search engine giant dished out Product Inventory search for its mobile users, enabling them to search whether a desired item is in stock or not.

Popular band Pink Floyd rocked its way out of the London High Court today after winning a court case against the EMI Group, which has been asked by the court to stop selling tracks featured on the band's albums separately.

It has rumoured that iPod maker Apple will be including the previous-absent multi tasking feature when it releases then iPhone OS 4.0 during the summer, a prominent Apple blog has reported. The company is also planning to release Xeon Hexacore Mac Pro on Tuesday 16th March.

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