Sick of laying on the sofa watching TV?

If you're one of the millions of indolent wastrels who sit at home all day watching re-runs of The Jeremy Kyle Show on your tax-payer sponsored Sky telly, eating Pot Noodles, smoking weed and beating your illegal fighting dogs, then there's an iPhone App just for you.

Job Seekers won't even have to get up of their shell-suit clad arses and go down the Job Centre any more thanks to an iPhone application which takes all the effort out of having to apply for jobs you know you won't get just so you can keep your benefits.

The new Job Centre Plus App is free for iPhone and Android users and performs local job searches from the comfort of your sofa, or the pub.

If you do end up with an interview, you'll have no excuse for getting lost on the way there as the software will provide a map of the location.

Quite how anyone on the dole can afford to pay £35 a month for an iPhone data plan is, frankly, beyond us.