Sony Announces Playstation "Move" Motion Controller

Japan based consumer electronic giant Sony Corp. has unveiled the much-awaited motion sensing game controller for its Sony PlayStation 3, in an attempt to take-on the popular Nintendo Wii console, which comes with similar motion sensing devices.

The Sony PlayStation Move for the PS3 console is a wand-shaped game controller, which comes with a small blue-coloured ball like contraption at one end.

It is designed to sync with PlayStation Eye camera, allowing it to read the body movement of a player.

According to an official statement released by Sony, the wireless Move controller is very lightly built as compared with the Wii controller and is designed to reduce the player's arm fatigue.

Move is also equipped with a 'sub-controller' just like the Wii Nunchuk. Most interestingly, the new motion sensing controller by Sony also comes with voice control capabilities.

Commenting on the device, a Sony spokesperson said during the launch of the product that “Start dodging bullets and blasting your enemies. Start training your iPet or become part of the show. Conjure and cast spells using your unique light sphere that changes colour to add real-world impact.”

The company also announced that Move will be available in US markets for $100 in April. No dates have been confirmed for the rest of the world.

Our Comments

$100 is not so expensive for such a peripheral. But at the same time, we cannot help but wonder whether Sony shouldn't just bite the bullet and sell it for much less to encourage adoption.

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