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Tesco's Rehauled 20Mbps Broadband Package May Be UK's Best

Supermarket giant Tesco has marked the launch of its new Spring/Summer catalogue by unveiling a new, reworked version of its existing broadband packages.

The cheaper (opens in new tab) of the two packages currently on offer costs £19 all incusive and provides with "up to" 20Mbps broadband, unlimited downloads, no set up fees, UK call centres and a wireless router plus evening and weekend landline calls.

The more expensive £23 one adds anytime landline calls and both packages offer voicemai and last caller ID by default. The length of the contract is 18-months and includes the cost of the line rental.

Tesco is also giving 1500 extra Clubcard points as a sweetener and an additional 100 points for every £100 spent on the service. While the packages doesn't include calls on 0845 and 0870 numbers, they do come with a number of advantages.

Talktalk basic package (opens in new tab) might be cheaper by a few pennies but is slower (up to 8Mbps), has a 40GB download allowance and doesn't come with the Clubcard points which for the first year is equivalent to a £17 discount.

BT's own 20Mbps service (opens in new tab) (unlimited option 3) cost almost twice as much at nearly £36 per month and doesn't come with inclusive evening calls.

However O2 is set to unveil its Home Phone package soon which will have comparable tariffs and this comes with a £50 credit offer for O2 customers.

Désiré Athow
Désiré Athow

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