Tories Want Ultrafast Broadband For UK

The Conservative Party has brought out the technological aspects of their election manifesto, in which it vowed to provide "most of the population" superfast 100Mbps broadband access, as well as enhance access to government data at every level.

Jeremy Hunt, shadow culture secretary, asserted that the Conservative government would offer 100Mbps broadband connectivity to a majority of the population, which is 50 times higher than what has been proposed by the Labour government.

Denoting the importance of superfast broadband for the country's future, Hunt said: "Our ambition is to ensure that the next generation of Googles, Microsofts and Facebooks are British companies, and to achieve this we need to ensure that we have a superfast broadband structure".

Incidentally, technological elements have been at the heart of the Conservatives' elections agenda in their run-up for the upcoming general elections, as the Party has also said that, if elected, it will scrap the ID card scheme, and put a check on the big-budget NHS IT project.

Additionally, the Conservatives further promises to offer access to government data on requests, which it claims would provide a major thrust to the country's economy.

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Among other points, the Party also assures to tender equal opportunities in terms of government IT projects, by making them available to both small and mid-sized firms as well as large multinational organisations.

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