Twitter To Include Location Functionality To Tweets

Microblogging site Twitter has rolled out a new feature that would enable its users to include details relating to their whereabouts with their tweets.

However, users would be required to opt for the feature in order to share their location with the people added to their Twitter network.

In case users feel that they aren't interested to share their location info anymore, they can turn it off, the California-based company said.

The move from Twitter comes in response to the growing popularity of its rivals, like Foursquare, Loopt, and Gowalla, which broadcast users' location details.

Additionally, Facebook has also confirmed to introduce its own location-related service sometime during later part of the next month.

Although a huge chunk of Twitter users already mention about their location in their tweets, this consumes a lot of precious space as the service allows only 140 characters at a time.

Location sharing has gained so much of momentum that a specially-designed website 'Please Rob Me' was launched to serve as a wakeup call that the burglars could extract the information to help pin down locations where no one is home.

Henceforth, Twitter is asking users to keep in mind that when and how the new location tracking tool should be used.

Our Comments

There needs to be only one case of theft-through-twitter, for the likes of the Dailymail and other mainstream newspapers to pounce on the microblogging service and compare it to a burglar's tool.

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