US Onlive games stream starts in June

Streaming gaming service OnLive said it will begin delivering popular games over broadband this June.

The online gaming service is supposed to take on traditional gaming consoles like Sony PS3, and Xbox. It will allow users to play 3D games from their PCs and tellies through the cloud.

Gamers will pays a $15-a-month subscription fee, to play such titles as Mass Effect 2, Dragon Ace Origins, Assassin's Creed II, Prince of Persia - The Forgotten Sands, Borderlands and Metro 2033.

The PC-based service launches on June 17th in most United States with the HD television service coming later to the US and no-one knows when it'll arrive here

OnLive will offer games on-demand to either PC or Mac owners with the use of a small browser plug-in. Additionally, it will also be available via an , providing the user has access to OnLive's MicroConsole TV Adapter.

"Standard" games will require a minimum 1.5Mb connection, but the likes of those mentioned above will require a download speed of at least 5Mb.

Mike McGarvey, COO of OnLive said: "The OnLive Game Service creates a new opportunity for consumers to play the latest games without spending hundreds of dollars on a hardware system to make it happen."

"As as Mac user myself, I'm excited about the opportunity to help bring high-end gaming to this new and significant market," he added.

The company reckons the service will work on an "entry-level" PC.