Vodafone Giving Away Free Ebooks Today

Vodafone, one of UK's largest telecom service providers, will offer its customers a chance to download five free ebooks under its Free Fridays incentives scheme, allowing them to save almost £37 in the process.

According to the announcement made by the telecom service provider, Vodafone customers will be allowed to download five ebooks from a huge catalogue of ebooks, that include The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, This Bleeding City, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Murder of King Tut and Twenties Girl.

Interestingly, customers who download 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo', will be automatically enter a contest in which they stand a chance to win passes to a private screening of the book's movie adaptation that will be released this month.

However, users will only be allowed to download the free titles on Friday, as the offer does not extend beyond today.

The company has also provided the users with a list of 28 mobile devices that will be compatible with the service, including the Nokia 5800, HTC Desire, Apple iPhone 3GS and BlackBerry Storm.

The free ebook offer by Vodafone is an attempt by the company to bring its ebooks service back into the game and market it as a premier ebook download service for Vodafone users.

Our Comments

Vodafone is trying to be a jack of all trade as it launches an Ebook service. Trying to compete with Apple when it comes to content distribution is a risky and resource-consuming proposition and one that ultimately adds little to the bottom line of the company.

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