Apple chief Cook "earns" $22 million bonus

Apple's Chief Operating Officer Timothy Cook got a bonus worth about $22 million for filling in while Steve Jobs was off sourcing a new liver.

The bonus was revealed yesterday in a regulatory filing which shows that Cook trousered $5 million in cash and has handed 75,000 restricted stock units. The shares would be worth around $17 million at today's prices.

Cook was nominated for the bonus by Steve Jobs, Apple said, "in recognition of his outstanding performance in assuming the day-to-day operations of the company for the period in fiscal 2009 during which Mr. Jobs was on medical leave of absence."

Jobs took a few months off to have a liver transplant. His new iLiver seems to be holding up well and some say it's easier to use that his previous version.

Cook joined Apple in 1998, and was named COO in 2005. He's a front runner to succeed Jobs who may not be as immortal as our Deputy Editor thinks he is.