Will HTC Merge Desire & Legend Into An iPhone Killer?

It seems odd that HTC didn't kit the Legend with a better set of hardware in the first place, leaving the HTC Desire as the most powerful smartphone of its stable.

The Legend is essentially an updated version of the HTC Hero sticking to the same screen size and resolution, with better processor, more memory and an enhanced display.

What sets it apart from the rest of the competition though is its exquisite aluminium chassis which has earnt it the plaudits (and admiration) of sites such as Gizmodo, whose reviewer said that it was the most well built phone she had ever seen.

As for the Desire, it packs some of the best hardware for smartphones currently on the market.

It has a much faster processor, a bigger screen, more memory and a number of other improvements that make it altogether superior to the Legend when it comes to sheer functionality and performance.

We expect that HTC will in a few months time launch an Android smartphone that will combine the looks of the Legend with the firepower of the Desire. That model is not on the leaked HTC documents that detailed their portfolio for 2010.

But then roadmaps and plans are bound to be ripped apart and, seriously, a handset that would bring the best bits of these two exciting phones would give the next iPhone some very serious competition indeed.