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Comment : Why Did Google Delay UK Release Of Nexus One?

Google kept mum on whether or not its first smartphone will be delayed or not although the Guardian has spilt the beans citing "serious" problems which will delay the phone by a few weeks.

The official website for the Nexus One lists Spring 2010 as the launch window while Vodafone's website currently indicates "coming Soon" for Google's superphone.

Since the phone has been already released in the US for more than two months now, we can safely assume that the issue has nothing to do with the hardware and/or software.

It is also unlikely that HTC, which is building the Nexus One for Google, is having issues building the device given the fact that its own Desire handset, which is basically a clone of the Nexus One, is still on target to be launched in a couple of weeks.

The only problem therefore could stem from the fact that Google doesn't have any infrastructure/back office for handling physical orders for SIM Free Nexus One phones in the UK.

Putting all this in place requires time as well as significant human resources and if what happened in the US told us anything, it's that Google was caught short by the quality of (aftersales) services that customers were expecting.

If they are scrambling to get things right, they are not disclosing anything and apart from the Guardian report, no other mainstream news outlets have report the same.

Still, the UK market is the most crucial one for HTC as it will serve as a test bed for the whole of Europe. If they get it wrong here, it will have a negative impact on the rest of the campaign.