Global Foundries outlines expansion plans

The Advanced Technology Investment Company (ATIC) will spend $2.5 billion to boost its 300-mm wafer manufacturing at Global Foundries fabs by 50 per cent this year.

The Abu Dhabi outfit has laid out its plans buy out fab partner AMD within four years and will increase is shareholding by two per cent to 70 per cent "soon".

"ATIC's stake now is 68 percent. It will go up to 70 per cent in two to three months," chief executive Ibrahim Ajami told Reuters this week. "The intent is to make sure that Global Foundries is well capitalised and AMD is a buyable player," he said.

ATIC applied to Germany's cartel office in January to buy AMD's stake in Glo Fo.

"We will be doubling capacity in 24 months, spending $2-3 billion for expansion," Ajami said. "We will continue to focus on our growth strategy in the next two to three years to position ourselves in the marketplace."

He said he expects the value of the chip business to grow by 15 per cent this year

The expenditure puts Glo Fo fourth in the chip makers' top ten silicon spenders, behind Samsung, Intel and TSMC according to figures from IC Insights. ATIC also owns Singapore's Chartered Semiconductor.

AMD recently said it is starting to develop 22nm CMOS process in Dresden which it will later run at its new Fab in New York State.

"The 22nm node is being worked on in Fab 1 [Dresden], and elsewhere. Fab 1 will pilot ramp and go to some volume in 22-nm," according to Udo Nothelfer, general manager of Fab 1.

Nothelfer said the fab in New York would start commercial production in 2012 but 22nm CMOS production would begin before that.