Google Delays UK Launch Of Nexus One Smartphone

Google has apparently been forced to delay the launch of its first consumer smartphones, the Nexus One, by a couple of weeks according to some reports.

The Guardian claims that Google encountered more difficulties that it would have expected although it seems that these are linked to establishing a proper backend for customer support and aftersales rather than the phone itself.

Google has relied until now on supporting its non-business user base using emails and online knowledge bases, something that went down pretty poorly with Nexus One customers.

The search giant will be selling the phone either directly (as a SIM Free model), through third parties like Play or Expansys (which lists the Nexus One for more than £600) or on a £35 monthly contract through Vodafone for two years.

This will probably give its more direct competitors a headstart as most will be available in the first few days of April 2010. We understand that Vodafone will be launching three other Android handsets at the same time; the X10, the Legend and the Desire.

The later is similar to the Nexus One, but swaps the trackball for an optical trackball instead.

All five major network providers have already confirmed that they will be selling the HTC Desire with T-Mobile already taking preorders on the phone with prices starting from £30 including unlimited text, data and 600 minutes.

You can read more about the Desire and the Nexus One.

Our Comments

Not surprisingly, Goldman Sachs has slashed the expected number of Nexus One sold worldwide from 3.5 million to 1 million only as it appears increasingly unlikely that the phone will survive the onslaught of a myriad of Android-class smartphones to be released soon.

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