Google Promises To Improve Gmail Speed

During the SXSWi festival in Austin, Texas, search engine giant Google has confessed that Gmail can at times be painfully slow and has promised to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Speaking at the festival, Google's 'Behind the Scenes of Gmail' panel, in an interaction session with the audience, asked the people present there to raise their hands if they thought that the email service was slow.

TechCrunch reported that, when the panel asked the question, a significant number of people raised their hands in frustration.

The problem with the popular email client is that the service becomes excruciatingly slow for those users who have hundreds of emails stored in their account and the inbox storage left of their inbox is running low.

According to Pocket-Lint, Gmail's sluggish performance also affects those who constantly switch between a regular Gmail account and a Google Apps account.

However, the panel reassured the Gmail users that the problem had been zeroed-in and a whole team was working towards fixing it. The company also indicated that some where down the line, users will be able to integrate their Google Apps account with their Gmail accounts.

Google's Gmail service has a massive user base across the globe and has been ranked the third biggest email service in the world, right behind Yahoo Mail and Microsoft's Hotmail.

Our Comments

Because Gmail and Google Apps accounts are essentially free, many of us have jumped on the bandwagon and have to manage several inboxes and Google Apps accounts altogether, something that can be furiously confusing at times.

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