Google Set To Pull Out Of China Soon

According to an article published by the Wall Street Journal, Google is indeed planning to put an end to its China operations as talks with the Chinese government have failed to provide the company with a favourable working environment.

The Journal reported that some people intimate with the matter have predicted that the search engine giant will close shop in the country in a few weeks time.

Meanwhile, Chinese government officials have warned local news websites that the company will be leaving the country for good and they would be required to publish the official account of the news instead of publishing stories from other sites.

Back in January, Google had announced that the security of the company's corporate infrastructure had been compromised by a cyber attack originating from China and had threatened to close shop in the country if it was not allowed to operate in a censorship-free environment.

It seems that the company will stay true to its words and put an end to its operations in China, in which it has a 36 percent share in the search engine market, over shadowed by Baidu search that has a 58 percent share.

Our Comments

The People's Republic of China has been criticised for its intense internet censorship policies and has been accused of violating human rights by keeping information from its citizens. Google is taking some major business risks by pulling out of China.

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