Google Street View Is Service For Burglars Says Survey

According to a recent poll undertaken by discount website, people in the UK believe that Google's Street View service is highly intrusive and a 'service for burglars', the Telegraph has reported.

The results of the poll indicated that Google has failed to impress Britons with its Street View technology as 57 percent of the 1,317 people interviewed thought the service was intrusive while 24 percent believe that the service would be precious to the burglars.

Google has managed to anger 74 percent of the correspondents by not bothering to ask permission before publishing photos of their streets and houses online, according to the poll.

However, almost one-third of the people that the service was meant for the benefit for all while the Thames Valley Police explained that there was no evidence indicating that number burglaries had escalated after the launch of the service.

Google, on the other hand, has reason to believe that the service has been welcomed with tremendous success in the UK and the company has reported that more people are calling them up and requesting that their street be included in the service.

A Google spokesperson said in a statement that “Anyone who has a privacy concern and wants to remove their house can do so quickly and easily but in fact we often find people get in touch asking us to come and put their street on the map.”

Our Comments

Despite all the negative publicity surrounding the service, Google Street View is one of the most used services from Google and is likely to kickstart a series of lucrative location-based services on its own.

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