News@Five : Google Leaving China, Street View Good For Burglars & More

Today's News@Five round up brings to you the latest about Apple's war with Google, which is on verge of leaving China for good.

Software giant Microsoft has announced in an advisory released with last weeks Patch Tuesday, that the company is currently working to fix a 'serious flaw' in the Internet Explorer 6 and 7 web browsers. The company also added that the patch for the said flaw shall be released as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, an article in New York Times has reported that Apple CEO Steve Jobs is apparently hurt at being betrayed former ally Google after the company entered the smartphone market with its Nexus One smartphone based on Android OS.

Steve Jobs believes that the company is trying to kill the iPhone, which has enjoyed a God-like status in the US. In related news, Apple has announced that users will have to replace their iPads at a reasonable rate after its battery expires.

Google Street View project is being looked upon as service for burglars in the UK, with 57 percent Britons calling the service 'intrusive', a poll conducted by discount website has revealed.

It seems that the people of UK are angry that the search engine giant did not bother to ask for their permission before posting photographs of their streets on the internet.

The Wall Street Journal has reported that Google will hold true to its threat and shutter its China operations in a few weeks time as talks with the Chinese government have failed to bear desirable results for the company.

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