Nexus One UK launch delayed yet again

The UK launch Google's Nexus One app phone has been delayed until the middle of next month which could well kill off the rapidly-expanding company's first foray into the UK mobile telecoms market before it even starts.

While the Internet search monopoly fannies about trying to work out how to sell and operate its much-anticipated open source-powered handset, manufacturing partner HTC will slip in through the back door with a product most commentators are agreeing is superior in every way, the Legend.

Ironically, both phones are built by Taiwan's HTC, but Google's has been plagued with technical issues as the company's policy of only selling the handsets online has left angry consumers with no-one to shout at since the device's January launch in the USA.

The Nexus One, which should have been launched earlier this month according to Google's world domination masterplan, will now be pipped at the post by up to three third-party handsets powered by Google's own Android operating system, which is a bit embarrassing to say the least.

It will also be a cause for concern for the company that anyone who has been saving up their pennies for a shiny new gadget might just be tempted to to wait a week or so and buy an iPad instead of a Nexus One.