Nintendo DS2 Gaming Console To Resemble Smartphone?

Japanese consumer electronics giant Nintendo may well showcase a completely new version of its popular DS handheld gaming console at the forthcoming E3 event in June 2010 with a potential release date towards the end of the year.

Raymond Padilla of Rpad spoke with a number of developers at the recent Game Developers Conference 2010 to find out more about Nintendo's gaming plans and it turns out Nindendo's DS2 shares a lot of common points with a smartphone.

The successor to the DS is set to be built using an Nvidia Tegra chip rather than the usual combination of PowerPC and ATI GPUs that were present in the recent Nintendo game consoles.

Why choose Nvidia rather than say, a combination of the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor combined with AMD's own Z430 GPU which will power the foundation of the forthcoming Windows Phone 7 Series.

Padilla also said that the console would have two screens like the DS but these will be larger and sport a much higher resolution, which makes more sense. There's also talks of using the two screens as a virtual larger one thanks to a very thin bezel.

The DS2 will also feature an accelerometer and have the same amount of firepower as the Gamecube which means that the developers will find it easier to make the transition.

Our Comments

We actually think that the DS2 might actually be more powerful than the Gamecube which is a 9-year old gaming console that featured an underpowered GPU (which ran at 162MHz). Expect the product to be launched on Christmas or depending on market conditions.

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