Steve Jobs Believes Google Wants To Kill iPhone With Nexus One

The New York Times believes that Apple CEO Steve Jobs feels betrayed by its former ally Google, since the company has ventured into the smartphone market with its own mobile operating system and smartphone device.

When Apple had launched the iPhone smartphone device, Google was one of the first companies to embrace the smartphone with Google CEO Eric Schimdt openly praising the shear genius of Steve Jobs.

At that time, it seemed that nothing could shake the foundations of the powerful alliance between the two companies especially as Schmidt was on Apple's board then.

The trouble started when Google announced the Android OS developed by the company which was soon followed by the Nexus One smartphone. Since then, Google has been trying to encroach upon the market share of Apple iPhone, which is sometimes refered to as the 'Jesus Phone'.

The news site quoted anonymous Apple and Google employees, who said that the fight between Apple and Google will only get worse as the companies shoot lawsuit after lawsuit at each other.

Apple had shown the first signs of aggression when it had slapped phone maker HTC with a lawsuit claiming that the company had infringed iPhone patents held by Apple.

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Incidentally, HTC has designed and produced Google's very own Nexus one smartphone, which is being sold separately by the search engine giant. Google though has had some issues with the Nexus One whose launch has already been suffered a delay.

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