Apple Brings Wearable Computing Expert Onboard

Popular technology website Computer World reports that iPhone maker Apple Inc. has hired wearable technology specialist Richard DeVaul as the 'Senior Prototype Engineer', indicating that the company is venturing deep into the mobile computing technology by working on wearable gadgets.

According to the article, last month, Richard had changed his LinkedIn profile from Founder & President at AWare Technologies to Senior Prototype Engineer at Apple Inc. Robert, who was born in Baltimore, USA, completed his graduation from MIT Media Lab in 2004.

Interestingly, Richard's PhD thesis entitled 'The Memory Glass', was published in the 'Scientific American Frontiers' magazine.

Speaking on the project, Richard wrote on his web page that “I can improve your performance on a memory recall task by a factor of about 63% without distracting you, in fact without you being aware that I'm doing anything at all.”

Considering the fact that Apple has hired a person who has years of experience in wearable technologies, signifies that the company may well have started developing devices in that direction.

This may boost the companies current product mix, which includes the legendary iPod music device and the popular iPhone smartphone. However don't expect a wearable Mac Pro anytime soon as the technology appears to be still in its infancy.

Our Comments

Prior to his appointment at Apple, Richard was the founder and president of AWare Technologies, a company which specialises in developing technology that helps in 'effective behaviour-change solutions for increasing fitness.” The company has also developed fitness applications for the iPhone, including the popular StepTrakLite app.

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