Apple Sells More Mac Computers Than Ever Before

According to recently released retail sales data by the NDP Group, Apple Inc. has registered an year-on-year increase of 43 percent in Mac sales for the month of February.

Mac desktops also enjoyed an increase of 36 percent in sales figures for the month of January, bringing the two-month average increase of 39 percent in sales.

The retail data was released by financial analyst Gene Munster in a note to investors, which declared that the month of February was 'impressive' when it came to Mac sales for Apple.

The data also revealed that the company has witnessed a 7 percent increase in the retail sales figure of the highly popular iPod music player.

The analysts over at the NDP Group have also predicted that the Cupertino based iPhone maker will sell between 2.8 million and 2.9 million Macs for the month of March, based on the exceptional start of the year results displayed by the company.

Meanwhile, it has also been indicated that the average selling price of Macs has been reduced by 10 percent - possibly because of competition and the recession - while the average pricing of the iPod device has been increased by 3 percent.

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Interestingly, the company had managed to sell an estimated 3.36 million Mac desktops during the 3 month holiday period last December, which had resulted in a 50 percent rise in the profit for the company.

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