Canon wants dot-canon domain

Japanese electronics maker Canon has become the first company to publicly reveal it will apply to ICANN to run its brand as an internet top-level domain.

The company said today that it “has made the official decision to begin necessary procedures to acquire 'dot-canon' upon the introduction of the new system.”

The system for approving new TLDs is still under development under ICANN's laboriously methodical policy development process. The best case scenario sees applications open in the fourth quarter, though further delays are always possible.

To date, over 100 companies have announced plans to apply for a domain. Desired strings include generic terms such as dot-eco, dot-ski, dot-gay and dot-music and geographical names such as dot-berlin and dot-vegas.

It has been widely speculated that companies will want to apply for their own namespaces – Microsoft could have dot-microsoft, Google could have dot-google – but to date no firm had publicly announced their plans.

The scope for vanity TLDs will be limited at first. While ICANN expects hundreds of applications, the cost of preparing and submitting an application is expected to be at least $500,000, with recurring annual fees in the tens of thousands.

We didn't want dot-thinq anyway.