Google Nexus One Sales Reach 135000 After 74 Days

Mobile phone analytics company Flurry Inc. has revealed that Google's Nexus One Android based smartphone is selling at a much slower rate as compared to the first iPhone device.

Apple's first smartphone had managed to sell one million units while, in the time frame, the Nexus One has sold 135,000 units.

Flurry, which provides application developers with relevant mobile phone data, reported that 74 days after its launch, the Nexus One smartphone has only managed to sell 135,000 units while the iPhone had sold a million units within 74 days of the its launch.

According to Flurry's marketing vice president Peter Farago, the reason that the Nexus One failed to take off is due to the fact that the company was selling the device via its own site instead of partnering with telecom service providers in the US.

Commenting on the sales figures released by the company, Farago said in a statement that “As successful and talented as Google is online with paid search and other kinds of related businesses, the hardware business is very different.”

Interestingly, another Android based smartphone, Motorola Droid, had also managed to sell 1.05 million handsets within 74 days of its launch, according to the data released by Flurry.

Our Comments

The low sales figures obviously indicate that the search engine giant is overlooking a major flaw that has resulted in an abysmal sales performance. Whether Google will be concerned by these low figures remain to be seen. Interestingly, the Droid sold more units than the iPhone

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