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Microsoft Unveils Windows Phone 7 Mobile Dev Tools

As promised during the launch of Windows Phone 7 back in February, Microsoft Corp. has unveiled first batch of the developer tools and software development kit for the newly released mobile platform on the very first day of MIX 10 conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Additionally, the software behemoth also released a new iteration of its Silverlight software, presently in candidate build, which the company boasted would play a major role in its new smartphone operating system.

The company asserted that the Windows Phone 7 platform will enable developers to produce applications by combining its Silverlight software as well as XNA framework for games.

Furthermore, testing and debugging of the software can be carried out through an emulator, which is a virtual machine running the same OS just like through a real device, or through a connected one.

Scott Guthrie, VP at Microsoft, asserted that the Windows Phone Versions of all the three released tools will be made available free, both in preview form as well as following the full release.

“By extending our familiar platform technologies and tools to phones, Microsoft is delivering the premier application development experience across a variety of devices and form factors”, Guthrie said in a statement.

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The developers’ tools Microsoft is offering with the batch include Expression Blend 4.0 for designers, XNA Game Studio 4.0, and Visual Studio 2010, incorporating a free Express iteration along with an add-in for the complete IDE.

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