MOG Rolls Out Music Solution For iPhone, Android Platforms

Leading online music streaming service, Mog, has announced that it will be launching a music application for the iPhone and Android based devices. Mog All Access for Mobile was unveiled at the South by Southwest interactive music festival by the company's founder and CEO David Hymon.

According to the keynote speech given by Mr. Hymon, Mog All Access for Mobile iPhone application will be released in a few weeks time with a monthly subscription of $10, allowing users to stream music from a massive playlist of more than 7 million songs.

The application will also come with online radio stations and enable unlimited phone downloads for the users.

However, whether Apple decides to reject the application or gives it a green light, it still remains to be seen as the company is overly conscious about competition for its popular iTunes online music store (ed : alhough it didn't reject Spotify).

When asked about the chances of the application getting approved by Apple, Mr. Hymon said in a statement that “It's a good question. We ask ourselves the same thing. To date they have not turned down any of the subscription apps...we'll have to wait and see.”

Our Comments

Mog's web-based service also offers music-focused blogging, music tagging, separate pages for artists, songs and albums and also offers links to iTunes and Amazon for purchasing music. It remains to be seen whether the service will be rolled out outside UK.

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