Talk Talk tests Apple MacBooks on staff

UK Internet service provider Talk Talk is currently offering its London head office staff the chance to use an Apple MacBook in a trial which could see the company ditching all of its Windows boxes.

A hundred and fifty workers - about 10 per cent of the national workforce - are already using the Apple laptops and it is thought that if the trial is a success, the hardware will be rolled out to all staff.

Apple has never really gained a foothold in the business sector, not least because lots of IT support staff know they would be out of a job if they didn't have to spend half of their time fixing viruses and malware.

As far as we can remember, if this move to the fruity side of life does transpire, Talk Talk will be the first major non-media company to take the plunge into the Apple waters.

It's widely known by people who haven't been beaten repeatedly with the Microsoft stick that Apple hardware is easier to use, more stable and more secure than its PC counterparts, despite coming at a premium price.

It's also common knowledge that Macs last longer and cost less to maintain, meaning that the initial cost bump is outweighed by the cheaper cost of long-term usage.