USTO Declines Google's Nexus One Trademark Application

Things going from bad to worse for Google Superphone it seems as its application to trademark the name Nexus One has been rejected on the 10th of December by the US Trademark Office.

The entity overseeing all things that pertain to trademarks say that people might confuse the name with other trademarks that contain the word Nexus including one from Integra Telecom which sells its own Nexus products.

These, unfortunately for Google, are related to "the provision of telecommunication services and the transmission of voice and data", exactly what the Nexus One is supposed to do.

Obviously, this reminds us of the other similar trademark case that's likely to erupt some times between Apple and Fujitsu over the iPad tablet device.

Google will either have to approach the US owner of the trademark (Integra Telecom) to buy it or change the name of the Nexus One to something else or maybe buy the company altogether or more prosaically, by "submitting evidence and arguments in support of registration".

Furthermore, the search giant didn't register the domain name for Nexus One (or indeed Nexus Two) either globally as a dotcom or the UK and may be sued by by the estate of Philip K. Dick who first associated the term Nexus with Android in his sci-fi novel "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?"

Our Comments

Google is in a slight mess with the Nexus One and one has to wonder whether this and what we heard about the delay of Google Nexus one in the UK. It will be interesting to see what impact that will have in the short term on sales projections.

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