XML Co-Founder Joins Google As Developer Advocate

Tim Bray, a former Sun Microsystems employee and the co-founder of XML language, has announced on his blog that he has secured the post of 'Developer Advocate' in Google, with his role being focused around the Android mobile phone operating system.

In the blog post titled "Now A No-Evil Zone", Bray expressed his enthusiasm in working with Google Inc. to assure a continuous growth of the Android platform, as he believes in the open-source capabilities of the platform.

Bray wrote an the blog post that Google was seriously working towards building the Android OS as the ultimate user and developer friendly platform.

He also pointed out the reasons due to which he decided to work with the search engine giant. Bray believes that he and Google have a lot in common, with 'Web-centric', 'Search' and 'Open Source' being some key similarities.

Bray, explaining the functionalities offered by the Android platform, wrote on the blog that "It's developer-friendly; the barriers to entry are very low for the several million people on the planet who are comfy with the java programming language."

However, the new Google employee went out of his way to criticise iPod maker Apple about its closeness when it comes to the iPhone OS platform.

Our Comments

Bray has vowed to show Apple that it was wrong in believing that the Web and the applications that come with it can be restricted and monitored in an orthodox manner. It seems that the Google/iPhone fight is suddenly going to become more lively.

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