AMD claims design wins for Magny-Cours

AMD has been bragging that its upcoming Opteron server chips, codenamed Magny-Cours have already garnered wide channel support ahead of their launch on March 29th.

The AMD Opteron 6000 series will consist of eight- and 12-core chips that will slot into boards sporting AMD's SR5690/SP510 chipset. The chips feature version 2.0 of AMD's Direct Connect Architecture.

AMD said a bunch of companies are building offerings based on the new chips. The list included the likes of Asus, Supermicro, Gigabyte, MSI and Tyan.

Not (yet?) on the list are HP and Dell. Or IBM. Maybe this is because the European launch is being hosted up that upstart Acer.

So far the firm's "channel system partners" include: Appro, Atipa, Colfax, Directron, Microway, Nortech, Penguin, Servers Direct, SGI, Silicon Mechanics and ZT Systems.

AMD has a bunch of server offerings up its sleeve for the coming year. According to Pat Patla, general manager of AMD's server unit, the firm has, "the right strategy to capitalise on the rebounding server market by offering targeted platforms for the high end and low end of the volume market.

"We are able to offer extreme performance scalability in one platform, while delivering cost efficiency and unrivaled power efficiency in the other. When it comes to addressing customer’s needs with a smarter platform and overall value, we are going to beat the competition. Period,” Patla said.