Android Marketplace Crosses 30,000 Apps Milestone

Leading technology blog MobileCrunch has reported that the number of applications in the Android Market Place has crossed the 30,000 mark and that hundreds of new applications are being added everyday.

Citing an emailed response from search engine giant Google, the company behind the Android OS, MobileCrunch claimed that the number of applications in the web-based Android Market Place had risen from 16,000 to 30,000 in merely three months time.

In comparison, there are around 150,000 applications on the iPhone's App store while RIM's Blackberry App world contains around 4,700 apps excluding around 1,000 additional themes.

Google, which has been discreet about information related to Android OS, had pegged the number of Android applications at 16,000 in December 2009, amidst several speculations about the actual size of the market place.

This means that Google's smartphone OS is steadily expanding its presence in the mobile application market, which is expected to be worth $12 billion in 2012.

Interestingly, another reason for the meteoric rise in the number of Android applications is because of the increased demand for Android based smartphones.

Google's CEO Eric Schimdt had announced during the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that its partner networks were selling over 60,000 Android based devices everyday.

Our Comments

Android is slowly catching up and is building momentum. It is already second after the iPhone and is likely to attract significant developer attention as the number of Android phones increases exponentially. Android smartphones can already be had on £15 monthly contracts.

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